Art of Nicolas Martinez

A compilation of various Traditional Animation exercises.


(00:00-00:06) Introduction

(00:06-00:10) Walk Cycle w/ Skip in the Middle

(00:10-00:15) Full Turnaround – Looping

(00:15-00:20) Jump Rope Exercise

(00:20-00:25) Wave Principle – Water

(00:26-00:32) Flight – Large Bird

(00:33-00:38) Jointed Wave – Mallet

(00:39-00:42) Loose Wave – Cloth

(00:43-00:48) Lip Sync 1– One Character

(00:49-01:02) Lip Sync 2– Two Characters

(01:03-01:07) Contact/ Website Info

(01:08-01:11) Thanks For Watching!

Lip Sync Audio (C) Their Respective Owners

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